Who we are?

GE-PAP is a reputable data processing and mailing outsourcing company with distinctive tools, assets, experience and capabilities to deliver immediate cost advantages and improved business value over time for our clients’ IT and mail room operation.


Our offering covered entire mail operation function as well as custom requirements from our clients’. With our specialized teams we can go beyond single-function solutions to integrate multiple processes, functions and towers.



Reliable data processing and mailing outsourcing company provides best business solutions.


Knowledgeable and dedicated staff members to provide you with the very best solutions available.


Complete, advanced and cost-effective technology to speed up the productivity and efficiency.


We provide an ongoing support service and maintain strategic alliances partnership with our client.

Our professional certificate.

Efficient out-sourcing solutions.

GEPAP is at the forefront of digital transformation in document management and information processing.

IT Program Development

Data Management

Risk Assessment

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Our latest news.

  • Implemented an unique and high speed capabilities to process pre-cut single sheets, as well as continues forms from fanfold stacks or rolls. The machine has provide SPEED with Integrity to GE-PAP customer....

  • The company organized a team building event on 20th of June to Gopeng located in Mukim Teja, District of Kampar, Perak. Total approximate 100 senior staffs has joined event with the objective to build a better understanding among the team and enhance of co-operation within......