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The Best and Experience Mailing Outsourcing Vendor

We are best and experience mailing outsource vendor

Mailing Outsourcing Service Processes Proposal

GE-PAP being one of the best and experience mailing outsourcing vendor, we understand the processes and below diagram are the processes on mailing outsourcing services.

The processes above shall fulfill the key requirements of our client outsourcing requirements and assurances include:

  • Secured data transmission and handling.
  • Integrity check on every processes level.
  • Mail sorted and packaged according to POS.
  • Malaysia requirements.
  • Service level assurance for document printing, inserting and GPO.

Mailing Outsourcing Service Processes

Quality, compliance and data expertise make GE-PAP your ideal print-mail outsourcing partner.

GE-PAP is one of the best pioneering technology providers’ in outsourced document production, offering more than 9 years of print and mail experience for a wide range of industries, in a secure environment attuned to regulatory compliance requirements.

GE-PAP adds value to all of your print and mail projects, through relevant data-driven messaging, combined with multiple print options, including full colour. We can reduce your costs with selective inserting of your marketing or compliance inserts, and by ensuring you receive the lowest postage rates possible.

Data Services—any input, any format

GE-PAP 24/7 Computer Operations Data Center receives encrypted data from virtually any source, using any transmission method, including Lease Line, FTP, SFTP, private T-1 and VPN.

Upon receipt, data is verified and processed through our proprietary management systems to generate customized hard copy documents, electronic documents and reports. GE-PAP can transform almost any data input into the exact statement, invoice or letter format the customer needed.

Electronic Imaging—high quality at high volumes

GE-PAP flexible cut-sheet and continuous feed printing systems by OCE (a Canon group of company) print variable data and graphics in high-quality 600 to 1,200-DPI in black and highlight colours, MICR and full colour. Our systems output on multiple paper types, weights and sizes, and can include in-line booklet-makers. We can print millions of images per day, allowing us to meet the most demanding volume and turnaround requirements. GE-PAP’s technology offers post-composition application of personalized, cross-promotional messages and graphics targeted to each recipient, enabling companies to communicate directly to their customers utilizing white space on the statements.

High Integrity with Security Measure

GE-PAP has invested an innovative, efficient and dependable solutions for controlling and tracking complex documents that require production accuracy and infallible security.

GIC, GE-PAP Integrity Control Barcode System, is an investment by GE-PAP to allow printing of sensitive documents and clients to access to global supervision of their production workflow. The aim of such solution is to ensure that the entire document production process is controlled and integrity checked, in order to reach high productivity and yet great accuracy in quality and integrity controls.

GIC integrates two key aspects in the monitoring of printed documents: global supervision software and quality control. Indeed, GIC has its own built in security control systems for identifying documents, as well as the software for the operating system and for data-saving. GIC can be implemented in multiple hardware vendor production environments and is compatible over multiple platforms such as OCE, IBM, FUJI Xerox, Bowe, Kern and most other major mailing solution hardware worldwide.

Inserting and Mailing – fast, flexible, efficient

GE-PAP’s Mail Operation includes automated mailing, as well as custom (hand) inserting for mail that cannot be fulfilled on automated inserters. Every intelligent inserter employs camera technology to read a 1D/2D data matrix to assemble the proper pages of each document and then read the unique piece 1D/2D data matrix in the window of each envelope to ensure the integrity of the mail piece and the address. Each inserter is equipped with Four (4) selective insert stations, providing the flexibility you need to send inserts to high value or specially targeted customers.

 Delivering the lowest rates

GE-PAP offers multiple options to ensure our clients pay the lowest possible postal rates.

We developed a proprietary Postal Code Sorting and invalid Detection Software for address hygiene and move updates to increase the number of addresses that are deliverable.

Postage funding facilities

GE-PAP providing postage funds (Impress Account) facilities and all postage fund receipts and usage information is reporting per job basis. You can check your postage balance status; review the postage costs for individual jobs via our comprehensive reporting.

100% data-to-mail integrity assurance, with comprehensive reporting

GE-PAP offers multiple options to ensure our clients pay the lowest possible postal rates.

GE-PAP provide the daily, weekly and monthly management report to our client for performances analysis purposes and it is exclusively to ensured our solution offering  are 100% mail integrity.