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Invoice Printing & Mailing

Outsource your print and mail services to Ge-pap. We help you to manage the production and delivery of statements, bills, invoices, letters, and other documents. The outsourcing benefits are many, including minimizing capital investments, the reduction of paper, postage, and production costs, improved cash flow, industry compliance, reducing the risk of a costly data breach, personal connection, and commitment to the success of your business, and so much more!

Risk Assessment & Best Practice

Ge-pap provides IT Security Risk Assessment to review and evaluate an organization’s IT environment control and compliance on related technology, configurations policies, processes and procedures. This assessment determines whether IT controls are in place to sufficiently protect corporate information, prevent data leakage and protect your business secrets. Information built over years of hard work can be lost in one day.

Brochure/ Enclosure Printing & Distribution

To provide best combination of quality and value for print and distribution. If you’re looking for a simple end-to-end solution for marketing your business, please contact us to find out more.

IT/ Program Development

Team of expertise to create and develop new template design or template enhancement. We have the capability to support various data file formats such as PDF, AFP, XLS, PRN, DAT, TXT, XML and CSV.

PDF Archiving

Specialized in the archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents into PDF format. So, you’ll be able to open and view important business documents even ten years in the future.

Postcode Sorting

While others are focusing on reducing costs on services & stationeries, Ge-Pap uses a different approach. Ge-pap has its own customised postcode sorting software to help save costs on postage. Contact us for further discussion on Ge-pap’s new solution

Color Printing on Demand

Ge-pap also provides color printing for statements, direct mailers, promotional letters, marketing mailers. The benefits are lower cost per print, for short run job and faster turnaround time.